Collection of Assorted Stories & Poems by R. Rangan PhD

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thankful for kindness
community & connection
I feel gratitude

At the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, I was introduced to Medium by way of an invitation to write short articles for Science & Soul. Since then, I have had the privilege to have my words find homes in wonderful publications such as TBiN, WotW, Literary Impulse, GiaB, PNT, Better Advice, iPoetry, WTB, Finding Greatness and Doctor Funny — If you haven’t had a chance to check these amazing collections — please do so at your earliest convenience — these publications amplify unique voices and are actively building communities.

While these…

Science & Soul

Science-Inspired Stories

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science +soul inspired
creative fun storytellers
response to a prompt?

Welcome to the ongoing S&S Prompt series for 2021— science-inspired prompts to get you inspired — Our dear readers — to have a little fun exercising your artistic creativity and write a science-inspired story — the format is entirely up to you, the magnificent creators — haiku, sciku, limerick, poetry, prose, painting, or any other creative endeavor.

This is a partial collection of the contributions in response to the prompts, so you can easily find them in one place — do give them a look, read or clap, or better…


The Color of Summer

Lupinus latifolius Broadleaf Lupine near a mountain lake Photo by Edward Koorey on Unsplash

From Beargrass in Montana
Rhododendrons of North Carolina
Cahaba Lilies in Alabama
Blue columbine of Colarado
And Fireweeds in Alaska
The Blazing Stars in Wisconsin
Sneezeweeds of Iowa
Milkweeds in Dakotas
Summer Poppy in New Mexico
Broadleaf Lupine at Mount Ranier
Prairie Sunflowers in Wyoming
And Claret cup cactus in Utah

Just a sampling of flowers
growing in the wild
some only for a day
yet helping create memories
that often last a lifetime.

But wait there is more
wildflowers might hold the key
to understanding climate change
and to find ways to preserve
the beauty of nature
and the treasures of the divine…

The Sun, sand and play…hurray!

Photo by Lacie Slezak on Unsplash

The crashing of waves,
the taste of salt water,
the biting edge of the wind,
oh, how glorious the beach is!

The grittiness of the sand,
beneath your feet,
the laughter of children,
running on the beach!

The golden sun and beige sand,
aquamarine waves,
washing away the footprints,
neither good nor bad!

by N. Rangan @suzeyam Age 13

Author’s note: This poem is inspired by a day at the beach.

Parent’s note: R. Rangan Ph.D. is grateful to have had an opportunity to spend some time at a beach with family and friends recently especially since COVID restrictions are…

Angkor Wat — A Magical Experience

Photo of Sunrise at Angkot Wat by R. Rangan Ph.D. 2018

Pacing through the winding path
braving the dark before dawn
and in the company of fellow seekers
We wait by the steps of the Reflecting Pond
Some have traveled very, very far
Each with a story or a scar
Eager to lay eyes on the
Fabled temples of Angkor Wat.

As we wait for the first glimmer of light
the mind wanders to the stories of the past
Khmer, once a kingdom with glory
built temples and a majestic empire
worth plenty of pride and envy
Most are long gone —
Some lost to the Cambodian jungle
Many more to the war and revolution…

An exploration.

Photo by Roman Koester on Unsplash

The News,
It gives me the blues.
The state of our planet,
Histories of our hamlets,
The politics of today,
Has parallels from yesterday,
And this is
NOT — A comfortable thought!

How do I attempt to separate?
The real from the Fake News,
The information from the infomercial,
The discussion from delusion,
Facts from opinion?

Perhaps, I watch the News,
For I seek connection,
With those who easily agree,
And with those who vehemently disagree.

Perhaps, I watch the News,
For I want to learn,
How to listen without contempt,
And to sit what makes me discontent,
To seek answers that elude us…

A poem based on The Shelfie Prompt

Not a photo of my bookshelf Photo by Olia Gozha on Unsplash

It got started with
Why Aren’t There More Women in Science
Is it
About understanding
Thoughts and Feelings
Or really about
Our fundamental need to
or perhaps
The Gift of Therapy
to make sense of it all
After all
The books on my shelf
Open up
A World of Wonders
Now, if I could read them all!

Author’s Note: Thank you to Squeeze the Avocado for the tag and prompt: Shelfie. Here’s my take on the prompt via a poem, and some of the books referenced above are listed here in case you were interested are:
Why Aren’t More…

Fun Poetry Prompt: something with the initials HR

A road trip haiku

Photo by Heidi Kaden on Unsplash

Glory of the past
roads traveled and forgotten
but stories still last

Thank you to Lucy Dan 蛋小姐 (she/her/她) for the fun prompt: something with the initials HR. On a recent road trip through the Southwest US, I noticed several signs indicating a “historic route” and prompted this attempt.

Briefly, route 66 is often considered — the original road trip An iconic highway stretching approximately 2,400 miles across two-thirds of the continental United States connecting the shores of Lake Michigan across the agricultural fields of Illinois, to the rolling hills of the Missouri Ozarks, through the mining towns of…

Dharamshala — A spiritual sanctuary

@R. Rangan 2014.

Entering the Himalayan kingdom
Greeted by majestic peaks of Dhauladhar
Leaving shadows on Kangra Valley that run deep
The beauty of nature blends seamlessly
With the inner beauty of its people
It is a commanding place of refuge
In a world filled with subterfuge

Steps away from the home
Of His Holiness the Dalai Lama
The temple where the bells sing

And stands tall the Norbulingka institute
With its singular dedication to tradition
One finds Tibetans
who have never been to Tibet
seeking relentlessly truth and peace
yet they have hardly seen peace
and are still searching for the truth…


One ocean, One Climate, Our Future!

Ocean — a source of water power
just look at hurricanes, storms
and those mighty floods
And yet,
Sounds of waves, waterfalls
gently flowing stream
is almost the definition of serene

Still, the water crisis is real
And water stress an ordeal
Climate change is surreal
Ignore at our own peril

For water is simply water
And yet it is so much more
A hearty bowl of soup
A soak in a bathtub
Swimming in the ocean
The beach, waves, and bliss

Is water a life-giving source
Or a traded stock like gold?

So, as the water crisis rises —…

R. Rangan PhD

Mindfulness enthusiast; Storyteller in training and Observer of life’s small details.

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