Collection of Assorted Stories & Poems by R. Rangan PhD

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thankful for kindness
community & connection
I feel gratitude

At the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, I was introduced to Medium by way of an invitation to write short articles for Science & Soul. Since then, I have had the privilege to have my words find homes in wonderful publications such as TBiN, WotW, Literary Impulse, GiaB, PNT, Better Advice, iPoetry, WTB, Finding Greatness and Doctor Funny — If you haven’t had a chance to check these amazing collections — please do so at your earliest convenience — these publications amplify unique voices and are actively building communities.

While these…

S&S Prompt: Anthropology Inspired Poetry

A sciku inspired by Anthropology

Photo by Alex Harvey 🤙🏻 on Unsplash

longer adult lifespans
grandmother hypothesis
the love is so real

It is really quite simple — grandmothers are important for our survival.

How so — ask anyone who is lucky enough to have spent time with their extended family, and quite possibly the highest poll numbers would be for grandmothers. Studies show that the usual ranking goes like something like, from closest to least close: a maternal grandmother, maternal grandfather, paternal grandmother, paternal grandfather. Exceptions, of course, do occur.

Evolutionary biologists have also been interested in grandmothers, specifically Kristen Hawkes, professor of anthropology with the University of Utah and co-author…

Hint: Be B.R.A.V.E.!

Snowy photo by R. Rangan PhD

Bright eyes and kisses
a wag, a smile, and a hug
Oh, to be a dog.

happy to just play
kind, gentle & loving soul
Until the squirrel!

Lesson for all — be B.R.A.V.E.

It was love at first sight for our son, and “Snowy” has quickly figured out how to win even the most critical amongst us. He is a quick learner, social, happy, and playful dog.

It was not my idea to get a dog, you see — ours is a busy family, and I was reluctant to add more responsibility. So I resisted the idea for several…


Inspired by the Science and Art of Mothering

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

a newborn arrives
a Mother is born
a timeless bond forms

of long gestation
of nursing and guiding
of tears and fears

with hopes and prayers
with pride and respect
with joy and delight

a person develops
confidence and care
capacity to connect and love

Caring and rearing
needs mothers and others
we call them “allomothers”

Happy Allomothers Day to the allomothers* in my life —with deep gratitude for your kindness and support — Thank you!

*I’m using the term “allomothers” in a gender-neutral way, and it includes persons who identify across the entire gender spectrum.

Whether you celebrate Mother’s…

Science & Soul

Science-Inspired Stories

Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash

science +soul inspired
creative fun storytellers
response to a prompt?

Welcome to the ongoing S&S Prompt series for 2021— science-inspired prompts to get you inspired — Our dear readers — to have a little fun exercising your artistic creativity and write a science-inspired story — the format is entirely up to you, the magnificent creators — haiku, sciku, limerick, poetry, prose, painting, or any other creative endeavor.

This is a partial collection of the contributions in response to the prompts, so you can easily find them in one place — do give them a look, read or clap, or better…

Dharamshala — A spiritual sanctuary

@R. Rangan 2014.

Entering the Himalayan kingdom
Greeted by majestic peaks of Dhauladhar
Leaving shadows on Kangra Valley that run deep
The beauty of nature blends seamlessly
With the inner beauty of its people
It is a commanding place of refuge
In a world filled with subterfuge

Steps away from the home
Of His Holiness the Dalai Lama
The temple where the bells sing

And stands tall the Norbulingka institute
With its singular dedication to tradition
One finds Tibetans
who have never been to Tibet
seeking relentlessly truth and peace
yet they have hardly seen peace
and are still searching for the truth…


One ocean, One Climate, Our Future!

Ocean — a source of water power
just look at hurricanes, storms
and those mighty floods
And yet,
Sounds of waves, waterfalls
gently flowing stream
is almost the definition of serene

Still, the water crisis is real
And water stress an ordeal
Climate change is surreal
Ignore at our own peril

For water is simply water
And yet it is so much more
A hearty bowl of soup
A soak in a bathtub
Swimming in the ocean
The beach, waves, and bliss

Is water a life-giving source
Or a traded stock like gold?

So, as the water crisis rises —…

POETRY PROMPT: gates, gatekeeping, gatekeepers.

The Opening and the Unknown

Photo by Timur Kozmenko on Unsplash

A doorway
splits the universe
material from spiritual
Entrance to the temple
Maybe an inner courtyard
peace, love, serenity
and enlightenment
Or perhaps
A golf course!

Thank you to Lucy Dan 蛋小姐 (she/her/她) for the prompt: gates, gatekeeping, gatekeepers. As I sat reflecting on this prompt, the first image Unsplash came up with was that of this Balinese icon. Bali is a dream of a destination and the Bali gate in the image above is perhaps the most Instagrammed symbol of Balinese culture — The iconic Handara Gate. It is located in the village of Pancasari, Bedugul, and is famous…


with Love and Gratitude — Thank you!

Photo by Stephen Harlan on Unsplash

Thank you!

For believing
Long before I felt ready
For helping
Even when I didn’t know to ask
For guiding the path
To learn and trust instincts
For highlighting the positives
When negatives were obvious
For showing possibilities
Amongst a deluge of hopeless realities
For that critical feedback
Hurtful — yes, but allowed growth
For not giving up hope
When hopelessness felt real

A lot can become possible with hope,
courage, feedback, trust, and support.
With no expectation of return,
simply reflecting the dignity of work.
For taking pride in oneself,
and in those whose lives you touch.

And for…

Collection of Stories with Ideas for living well

Photo by Sonia Cervantes on Unsplash

Gentle Spring flowers
Slowly give way to summer heat
Beach is calling?

A sweltering heat
Chasing fireflies, making mudpies
Perfect summer dream

May your garden grow
Under blue skies, carefree songs
Happy summer all!

Time for a break… yes, no, maybe?

Dear Friends,

Spring is slowly but surely giving way to the freedom that is summer — with hopes of a new (hopefully COVID — free) normal. …

R. Rangan PhD

Mindfulness enthusiast; Storyteller in training and Observer of life’s small details.

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