Collection of Assorted Stories & Poems by R. Rangan PhD

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thankful for kindness
community & connection
I feel gratitude

At the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, I was introduced to Medium by way of an invitation to write short articles for Science & Soul. Since then, I have had the privilege to have my words find homes in wonderful publications such as TBiN, WotW, Literary Impulse, GiaB, PNT, Better Advice, iPoetry, WTB, Finding Greatness and Doctor Funny — If you haven’t had a chance to check these amazing collections — please do so at your earliest convenience — these publications amplify unique voices and are actively building communities.

While these…

Lessons from the Prosocial Writing Workshop

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Writing above all is a practice — it may be the ultimate mindfulness practice — let me explain.

I have been a mindfulness enthusiast for the past several years. I have previously written about mindfulness; essentially, as I understand it, mindfulness is about becoming aware of one’s experiences. It can involve developing an awareness of our breath, body, our thoughts, our feelings, and our actions.

Briefly, our mind and body work together to help us adapt to our surroundings, and there’s a constant drive for our brain to connect the dots of our moment-to-moment experiences. It is undoubtedly beneficial to…

Science & Soul

Science-Inspired Stories

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science +soul inspired
creative fun storytellers
response to a prompt?

Welcome to the ongoing S&S Prompt series for 2021— science-inspired prompts to get you inspired — Our dear readers — to have a little fun exercising your artistic creativity and write a science-inspired story — the format is entirely up to you, the magnificent creators — haiku, sciku, limerick, poetry, prose, painting, or any other creative endeavor.

This is a partial collection of the contributions in response to the prompts, so you can easily find them in one place — do give them a look, read or clap, or better…


A ray of light

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The beauty of a lotus
needs muddy waters
From the depth
of despair rises hope

Just when you
thought it was all over
Begins preparation
for the next round

Hang tight!

Roller coaster of emotions
ride but not to give in
Sometimes lose sight, maybe
but overcoming the blight

There will be a new day
after night comes daylight
Togetherness will find a way
And keep hope alive


For hope is the light
that can illuminate lives
Keep the faith alive
and inspirations high

Where hope leads
magic surely follows
Dreams shine bright
and all becomes possible

Hope —…

“Literary Impulse & Paper poetry “Eudaemonia” Prompt Submission”

A concept, a right, or a privilege?

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How do you describe Eudaimonia?
A concept, a right, a privilege?
Does it approximate a feeling?
Even one continually changing
And yet perspicuously unchangeable
Contemplative yet completely carefree
Moment to mindful moment
A point in time — maybe
Static yet ready to respond

Like getting lost on a beach walk In the company of loved and lost ones No particular regrets or reaches No dominating conversations And no rush to find or define a path Enjoying the sounds of distant church bells A perfect melody to accompany inner thoughts A reminder of the divine connection That exists with the universe…

Hint: Be B.R.A.V.E.!

R. Rangan PhD

Bright eyes and kisses
a wag, a smile, and a hug
Oh, to be a dog.

happy to just play
kind, gentle & loving soul
Until the squirrel!

Lesson for all — be B.R.A.V.E.

It was love at first sight for our son, and “Snowy” has quickly figured out how to win even the most critical amongst us. He is a quick learner, social, happy, and playful dog.

It was not my idea to get a dog, you see — ours is a busy family, and I was reluctant to add more responsibility. So I resisted the idea for several…

A mystery

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Dreams are the things
You want to forget
Yet can’t help and remember
They come in fragments
They leave in droves
Most of them buried
Deep in your mind

Dreams — A mystery of humankind.

by NR @suzeyam 2021

Author’s note: This poem is about dreams. Enjoy!

Parent’s note: R. Rangan Ph.D. agrees with the author that dreams can be quite mysterious, is fascinated by many ways in which we humans are constantly looking to make meaning in life and in a dream world, and wants to thank everyone for reading this poem and extends an…


Climate change Haiku

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Green infrastructure
enhanced & smart grid resilience
Our future secured!

Thank you to Lucy Dan 蛋小姐 (she/her/她) for the prompt: grid. Friday, April 30th, 2021 was Arbor Day, and Earth day was not too long ago — needleless to say, I have been thinking about the state of our planet, so when I saw Lucy’s recent prompt, the U.S. electric grid was on my mind.

Briefly, The U.S. electric grid is nothing short of an engineering marvel. It comprises more than 9,200 electric generating units, with more than 1 million megawatts of generating capacity connected to more than 600,000 miles…

4 Ways To Silence Your Inner-Critic

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Tell me — can you remember the last time you heard from your inner critic?

You know, that nagging voice in your head that constantly judges you, puts you down and compares you to others? The very same voice that tells you you’re not good enough or smart enough — essentially says things you would never dream of saying to another person.

Many of us believe that this inner critic, while annoying, is relatively harmless. Yet, this is simply not the case. This inner critical voice limits you and stops you from living the life you truly desire. …


The time is now!

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blooming tulips
budding romances
all together under the sun
the sky is bright blue
air just a little chill
spring showers are a gift

Surest sign of spring
the vibrant lime green trees
as the buds open
and tiny leaves unfurl
with a promise
and filled with hope
of beauty and love

A marvel of genetics
trees know to read the signs
start the work of summer
preparing for long winters
the process is long
and the trees must decide
to carefully time —the bud-break

Alas, the climate is changing increasingly unpredictable trees are also confused some bud too…

R. Rangan PhD

Mindfulness enthusiast; Storyteller in training and Observer of life’s small details.

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